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eNtsa - Innovation through engineering


Are you a SME within the Engineering or Manufacturing Industry?

Do you need support with process development or production support?


eNtsa, funded by TIA, will

assist with 20 projects to the value of R5000 each per SME.


If you need assistance in one of the categories listed below,

contact Mr Andrew Young, eNtsa’s Engineering Director

at or 041 504 9507

to make use of this great opportunity to assist your company.


Development and Design

Mechanical design, 3D modeling, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Rapid prototyping


Product Engineering:

Product and process development, Fatigue analysis, Failure analysis


Process Control and Automation:

Automation,  Quality Control, Robotics, Vision


Services (Materials and Mechanical):

Mechanical Testing (e.g. Chemical, tensile, fatigue), Residual stress analysis (Portable x-ray diffraction – non-destructive &

High speed hole drilling – semi-destructive), High Speed Camera


Other specialization areas and services:

Customised innovative engineering solutions, Joining Technologies, Renewable ‘green’ energy, Friction Processing


Also find attached eNtsa’s advert in the latest edition of the Business Link publication.


Project opportunities for this programme are limited.


Looking forward to doing business with you!

Contact information
Ms Nadine Goliath
Tel: 27 41 504 3019

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