Technology for tomorrow

eNtsa - Innovation through engineering

There are a number of Technology Stations across the country all aimed to promote innovation and to invigorate the South African economy. Established in 2002, eNtsa (initially the Automotive Component Technology Station – ACTS) was primarily focused on supporting the automotive components manufacturing industry in the Nelson Mandela Bay area through the Technology Station Programme (TSP) an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology through TIA.

As the expertise of the group expanded, the project scope broadened and became more reflective of the wider engineering and manufacturing sector. Today, eNtsa is recognised as a prominent research, engineering innovation and technology support unit for the advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors in South Africa.

The main drive of the TSP, within eNtsa, is to support and stimulate local engineering innovation in order to improve the competitiveness of local manufacturers which will enable industry to exploit and develop new markets. Through this programme, eNtsa is able to make much needed engineering skills, services and training more readily available to SMEs operating in the local manufacturing sector according to international best practices.


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