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eNtsa - Innovation through engineering

The uYilo E-Mobility Technology Innovation Programme (uYilo, uYilo EMTIP or the programme) is a national multi-stakeholder collaborative programme focused on electro mobility technology research support (funding, engineering services and coordination), to enable and accelerate the development and commercialisation of South African electro mobility technologies. uYilo is derived from the Xhosa word meaning “to create a new thing”. The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) launched the Programme on the 13th March and the initiative is hosted by the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth and programme is open to participation of members throughout the technology innovation chain which includes HEI, science counsels, SMMEs, tier suppliers, OEMs, innovators and entrepreneurs.

The Programme at Neslon Mandela University spans across a number of faculties and departments such as engineering, information technology and chemistry, where in its first year of operation it focused on activities to establish and position the Programme to solicit input from the industry and government to define strategic direction. Consequently, with the necessary infrastructure provided at Nelson Mandela University, facilities were upgraded, expanded and the inherited assets from the Optimal Energy programme are currently being integrated into the demonstration of the live testing environment.

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