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eNtsa - Innovation through engineering

Research initiatives within eNtsa support NMMU’s mission, by identifying and serving the needs of the national and international engineering community by contributing to sustainable development of innovation, knowledge generation and technology transfer. eNtsa with the assistance of its strategic partners, such as NMMU, DST, TIA, NRF, THRIP and industrial partners, hosts a variety of state-of-the-art equipment and platforms.

Joining technologies, such as solid state welding and laser processing, are the primary areas of research within the group. Friction Processing is a field pioneered within the group advancing research boundaries. Expertise has been obtained in Friction Stir Welding, Friction Hydro Pillar Processing, Friction Taper Hydro Pillar Welding and Friction Welding (including Boss Welding, Friction Stud Welding and Hexagonal Bar Welding) which has resulted in the development of in-house welding platforms.

The majority of the research funding stems from a variety of funders (TIA, NRF, RISP, THRIP, LMI-TiCoC, Eskom, Sasol and TESP) and are expedited according to the respective grant agreements/ contracts in accordance to NMMU financial policies.


The below videos showcase the capabilities and platforms developed within eNtsa:

WeldCore® 4 platform illustrating Boss Friction Welding
WeldCore® 3 platform illustrating the Sampling and Repair process using Friction Welding
Process Development System (PDS) platform illustrating Refurbishment of High Value Boring Cutters using Friction Welding
In-house developed Small Punch Creep Testing Platform illustrating the Small Punch Test Method for in-service material characterisation