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eNtsa - Innovation through engineering


eNtsa is an engagement institute within the Nelson Mandela University. As an internationally recognised innovation hub, the group focuses on engineering design, component and material testing, prototyping and industrial R&D.

About Us

eNtsa continuously strives to enhance technology innovation and stimulate a climate of sustainable socio-economic growth in South Africa, and maintains strong relations with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

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Tel: (041) 504-3608 (Reception)


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Our Staff

The group consists of technical engineering staff, office professionals and a number of researchers and interns, working full-time on industry projects. The team utilises advanced engineering skills and technologies to meet industry needs and align itself with the University’s vision and mission.

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  1. Development and Design Services
  2. Material & Mechanical Testing Services
  3. Process Control and Automation
  4. Other Specialisation Areas and Services

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Joining technologies, such as solid state welding and laser processing, are the main areas of research within eNtsa. Research initiatives support the University’s mission, by identifying and serving the needs of the national and international engineering community.

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Commercialisation of developed technologies, engineering services and high technology human resource capability is a key strategic objective for eNtsa. The team’s focus is placed on activities that will enrich the local engineering community, create new economy (jobs) and will support future sustainability.

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Technology Station Programme

eNtsa forms part of South Africa’s technology station programme. With the support of TIA and the DST, eNtsa is able to make much needed engineering skills, services and training more readily available to SMEs operating in the local manufacturing sector.

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uYilo eMobility Technology Innovation Programme

The uYilo e-Mobility Technology Innovation Programme (EMTIP), launched on the 13th March 2013 has been initiated by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) to fast track the development and commercialisation of key technologies that will primarily support the electric vehicle (EV) industry, with supplementary support towards electric mobility (eMobility) as a whole.

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Composites Innovation Centre

The Composites Innovation Centre initiative, funded by DST via the CSIR, is to establish a composites engineering footprint by initiating a programme with activities that will create knowledgeable, experienced engineers with a composites capability.

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