eNtsa has identified industrial training and skills development as an additional opportunity to expand and broaden the customer base giving rise to the opportunity of launching an eNtsa Training Academy. This eNtsa’s ambition is aligned with the University’s Vision & Mission, aiming towards providing an environment generating cutting-edge knowledge and providing a platform for diverse educational opportunities to constructively contribute to a sustainable future, globally.

Training Academy objectives:

  • To continuously improve internal skillset and knowledge in order to provide innovative services to our clients and strategic partners
  • To assist industry with skill upliftment interventions to bridge skill shortfall move toward business operation according to best practices
  • To create a platform for local and international collaboration aimed to encourage internationalisation of local markets
  • To encourage an environment of learning, teaching and engagement for the community aimed at contributing towards effort of sustainability.

Training intervention categories:
eNtsa Training Academy aims to provide support by provide various types of services (administrative or technical). To organise interventions within the Academy the following categories have been identified:

  • Internal training and engagement: aimed at developing internal skill set or knowledge of internal University staff, interns and postgraduate researchers.
  • Industry focussed training and engagement: aimed at industry members to develop necessary skills or knowledge in order to improve organisation operation or operational knowledge according to best available practices.
  • Community focused training and engagement: aimed at supporting knowledge sharing, knowledge advancement and skill development between various members with in society in effort to promote collaboration and engagement.

For more information, visit www.entsaengineering.co.za

Contact information
Ms Emogin van Heerden
Administrative Coordinator
Tel: 041 504 3723