Listed below are published journal ariticles that have been authored / co-authored by the eNtsa team.


Microstructure evolution and mechanical characterization of friction stir welded titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V using lanthanated tungsten tool - PM Mashinini, PI Dinaharan, J David Raja Selvam, DG Hattingh



Residual stresses in condition monitoring and repair of thermal power generation components - MN James, DG Hattingh, D Asquith, M Newby, P Doubell

A simplified model for TIG-dressing numerical simulation - P Ferro, F Berto, MN James

Experimental methodology for the quantification of crack tip plastic zone and shape from the analysis of displacement fields - JM Vasco-Olma, FA Diaz, MN James, CJ Christopher, EA Patterson

Microstructure and mechanical characterization of continuous drive friction welded grade 2 seamless titanium tubes at different rotational speeds - R Palanivel, RF Laubscher, I Dinaharan, DG Hattingh

Effect of cooling rate after solution treatment on subsequent phase separation during aging of Fe-Cr alloys: A small-angle neutron scattering study - X Xu, J Odqvis, MH Colliander, S King, M Thuvander, A Steuwer., P Hedstrom

Asympototic residual stress distribution induced by multipass welding processes - P Ferro, F Berto, MN James

Multiaxial fatigue assessment of friction stir welded tubular joints of Al 6082-T6 - L. Susmel, DG Hattingh, MN James, R Tovo 



Assessment of crack tip plastic zone size and shape and its influence on crack tip shielding - JM Vasco-Olma, MN James, CJ Christopher, EA Patterson, FA Diaz

Crack initiation and propogation paths in FSW tubes under fatigue loading - R Tovo, L Susmel, MN James, DG Hattingh, E Maggiolini

Crack path and fracture analysis in FSW of small diameter 6082-T6 aluminium tubes under tension-torsion loading - E Maggoilini, R Tovo, L Susmel, MN James, DG Hattingh

Review of recent advances in local approaches applied to pre-stressed components under fatigue loading - P Ferro, F Bert, MN James, T Borsato

Applications of Residual Stress in Combatting Fatigue and Fracture - MN James, DG Hattingh, D Asquith, M Newby, P Doubell

Semiautomatic friction stir welding of 388mm OD 6082-T6 aluminium tubes - DG Hattingh, LG von Wielligh, D Bernard, L Susmel, R Tovo, MN James

Implementation Aspects of an Industrial programmable Controller Using PID Control on a FSW Process - DG Hattingh, TI Van Niekerk, R Pothier

Asympototic stresses in butt-welded joints under fatigue loading - P Ferro, F Berto, MN James

Damage assessment and refurbishment of steam turbine blade/rotor - DG Hattingh, MN James, M Newby, R Scheepers, P Doubell


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